The success of the Top Quality

Headline Piccolo

The superior quality of the pasta of the Coop Pasta Makers Gragnanesi  will immediately draws the attention of consumers, operators and demanding more skilled in the field, the local niche (stores, restaurants, high-level) of the most popular chef in Campania and Italy.

Around 1987 the Coop Pasta Makers Gragnanesi  began to be a significant turning point in its production and its trade : to contain operating costs and then to offer a price advantage their pasta of superior quality, we invest resources in strengthening the productive and commercial filateria starting to produce, with the same quality of special sizes, pasta in common formats ( noodles - vermicelli - with heads linguine, penne, ziti, pennette, fusilloni and Casarecce) and trained old (paccheri, mixed, long, half Millerighe) recovered through a patient work of historical research and the realization of drawing craft specially commissioned bronze .

The production rate increases quickly: the consumers and the important chefs found fulfillment in all pasta shapes of “Pastai Gragnanesi”. The distribution system developes: today the products of “Pastai Gragnanesi” are available in all italian regions and abroad.