The witness of fathers

The passion for an ancient art

The Coop Pasta Makers Gragnanesi was born in 1980, thanks to the passion and determination of a group of young and motivated people, following  the desire to do something “to deeply believe in”, to collect the testimonies of the fathers, pasta makers on the origins and vocation, to play a 'work that makes the best of their identity as gragnaneses, sons of art, the descendants of laborers of White Art who, by the second half of the seventeenth century, has always had and still has its Capital of Quality in Gragnano.

In those years these children of pasta - makers gragnaneses invest all their enthusiasm and their limited financial resources in a workshop for the manufacture of pasta products in some special formats: Ancient fusilli, the paccheri, lasagne, the nests of fettuccine, pappardelle and tapes, the conchiglioni, the Lumaconi and so forth.

Respect to the disciplinary letter orally learned from working fathers, with a thousand tricks picked up in the stories of parents on the working day at the table in the evening when the families of the ancient pasta makers met for dinner; in some cases we have tangible traces of such disciplinary in the memories of the families of the ancient maccaronari, proverbial men nobility minded.