Top quality: why?

The secrets of a success

The pasta of the “Pastai Gragnanesi” is a top quality product, because it offers:

  • the best meals blend, obtained from quality national (Tavoliere delle Puglie) and international (Australia, Canada, France) durum wheat. The wheat is winnowed and sorted out from the milling company Mininni di Altamura (BA), the only supplying establishment of the consortium “Pastai Gragnanesi”. The used durum wheat is a top quality wheat, it contains a high percentage of gluten and proteins;
  • a good mixture, a drawing with low pressure and the employment of a small bronze drawing plate (273 mm in diameter instead of 400 mm);
  • a slow and static drying in caissons. That reproduce the natural habitat: and then the one of  the big rooms of the first pasta factories. The temperature is constant and propagated from a blower, there is no humidity extractor or vapor introduction. The draining time depends on the pasta's thickness, on the shapes, on the humidity of the air and on the acidity rate.