At Gragnano pasta as in olden days.

We are the heirs to a centenary tradition, proud of having come into fathers’ secrets Gragnaniensis makers of pasta.
We have recuperated “handicraft” to make pasta “old-fashioned” and with love , following meticulously the old rules and investing the secret knowledges, the “maccaronaro” tricks of the trade, passed down from generation to generation.

Why is our pasta top-quality?
Because we use small bronze draw-plates to assure to the pasta a soft and low pressure drawing.

Because we assure a natural, slow and statica essication , so we preserve pasta proteins, its taste and its nutritional value.

If you are an exigent customer and you don’t want to renounce to the good old tastes, put on your table a top quality pasta of Gragnaniensis makers of pasta of the craft workers’ cooperative.

Giovanni D’Avino
Cooperative Pastai Gragnanesi President