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For a good cooking of Gragnano pasta

  • The necessary amount of water is estimated in proportion with pasta amount and format ( for paccheri, for example, it needs more scalding water rather than for pennette); the ideal proportion is 5 litres for 500 grams of pasta.
  • The potful form is important to cook pasta  to a fine art because must contain all the pasta when we put it in the scalding water ( for spaghetti and long pasta is better an oval potful where put pasta in a horizontal position). during the cooking it does not need always to stir rough pasta again , because it is made with bronze drawing; you can do it eventually after the second boiling , using wooden spoons and carving forks without cutting edges.
  • The pasta drining must be very delicate: remove pasta from the water when it is on the hard side with  carving forks, punched  wooden spoons or with a colander . To fortify the seasoning it is profitable to add a little bit of cooking water.

Finally, pasta  on the hard side preserves its nutritional values at best but it is also better to satisfy its tasting.